OOO “Krasnodarskaya fabrika kartonazhnikh izdeliy”
All-Russian Society of Disabled People

350 000 g.Krasnodar ul. Levanevskogo 169                                                phone: (861) 259-97-96,  255-21-41
350 000 g.Krasnodar ul. Krasnoarmeyskaya 76                                                    E-mail:
    We have our own workshops, warehouses and offices located in Krasnodar. We have all the necessary modern equipment for the production of various types of packaging.
We use high-quality materials in production of cardboard packaging.
Thanks to the use of eco-friendly materials, our products can be used as packaging for both foodstuffs and non-food products. Upon request by the customer, offset printing can be applied on the corrugated products.
Packaging for foodstuffs
The “television” type packaging is popular with producers of confectionaries and pastry. This type of packaging is similar in build to a corrugated tray with complex die-cut and flexographic printing.
Some of our customers require unique packaging of the highest quality. We regularly develop and introduce new designs, such as: packaging for custom-made cakes called “Web”, “Shaped”, “Heart”, “Little One”, etc. from 0.5 kg to 4 kg; packaging of various sizes made for pizza, which is produced from 0.6 mm thick cardboard with chrome ersatz and offset printing.

Several different bakeries of Krasnodar and Krasnodar Territory are our regular customers, for example: Starotitarovskiy Khlebozavod, Timashevskiy Khlebokombinat, Kropotkinskiy Khlebokombinat and others.

The food packaging comes with a Certificate of Compliance.
Archive boxes
1.5 mm cardboard archive boxes made in accordance with GOST 12301-81. They are covered with kraft paper, the cover and the flaps have a fabric base, which prolongs the term of use to 75 years.
Paper and whitewashed goods
Paper and whitewashed produce: paper folders; binders; “Case file” folders; folder sides, which are produced from chrome ersatz cardboard “Ladoga” by “St. Petersburg KPK” from 0.32 mm to 0.6 mm thick.

A 12 mm wide twilled cotton ribbon is used in the production of folders. The 18 cm long ribbon is firmly attached on the inside of the kraft paper. The binding clips are placed in binders with a cardboard strip. The height of joint forming in folders and binders is 2.5 cm, which allows to keep a sufficient amount of documents.

Self-erecting cardboard vegetable trays
P-32, P-33, and P-34 trays are produced from water-repellent cardboard with 5 layers and a special soaking and are open cardboard boxes in form. Convenient handles are cut out in these trays, which makes it easier to move the trays and provides more ventilation. The trays are resistant to mechanical damage, possess high durability, are light in weight, eco-friendly and recyclable. The packaging is assembled without the use of glue or adhesive tape thanks to different flaps.
The bookbinding workshop makes colourful address foldersfrom “Baladek” material (Holland) with an individual congratulatory insert, a 6-cell tablet of various sizes for kindergartens and schools, and much more. The bookbinding workshop also provides printing services: printing of official forms, inserts for certificates, identity cards, student ID cards and school ID cards, certificates, diplomas, student’s record books with a notepad inside, spreadsheets. Printed products are framed in vinyl paper spines of various hues.

The bookbinding workshop carries out binding of accounting and office documents. The bookbinder can come to the location of the customer.

The binding of documents that is more complex than the services described in the price list will be assessed and priced by the bookbinder on the spot through negotiations with the customer.
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