The essence of the matter is to collect a little crypt, then store it and wait for it to rise in price, or spend on purchases in foreign online stores, or transfer to money and withdraw.
1. Create a text document where you will store information.
2. Register on the sites:

To register on the site, you click on the banner to go to the registration page.
These sites have 2FA identification. T.'s that would ascend itself in account except password and login which you impose, still comes the reference activation on Your according Pandora, and only under you click on it can be enter in account. It's a very good defense. That would hack Your account, you also need to hack Your box. So try to have Your box was a complex password.

3. On the site
When You go to the site, create in wallets (bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, dashkin, Montero) addresses. There is an opportunity to generate them.These addresses, along with information on entering the site, write in a separate document.

4. After that, register on the sites on my referral links:

To register on the site, you click on the banner to go to the registration page.

When registering use the wallet addresses that you received on the site

When you register on these sites, gradually begin to drip crypt. You can visit the sites 1-2 times a day. The more often you go and press the claim now button and solve the captcha, the more crypts will run. The run-up crypt will drip and appear on the site, it immediately drips into the account You'd better come as often as you can.

On the website when we save up the crypt, you can transfer the exchange rates for the day of one crypt to another. And thus slowly collect one cryptocurrency-let's say bitcoin. The essence of the work is to quietly and quietly collect the crypt, and when the price of it grows well-to sell. Money can be transferred to the WebMoney wallet - there by the way there is a crypto wallet, Yandex money and kiwi money. And from there to withdraw in cash or to a Bank account. Now some banks are beginning to accept the crypt for Deposit. So far, there are few proposals, but before there were none at all.
4. On the site: - here there is gift which need to borrow, sections Syjrtlinrs and PTC here You're gaining lens. Which are spent on mining scripts. 1-point 1 minute and then there are other options. I advise you to configure in the setting section to make a white button 2x and payment timur put 1 min. in this case, the crypt will accumulate on the account.
5. Working with the site

When registering and working on the site:
To register on the site, you click on the banner to go to the registration page.
    You go once an hour not earlier, solve the captcha, and a little crypt drips on the site's account. When you get a little bit you can output to

    There is also an opportunity, if you collect a lot, to get coins every day at the rate of 4.08% per annum. Accruals occur every day at the rate of 0.0109% of the amount on your balance. In order to start accruing%, you must have at least 30,000 Satoshi on your account.

The project has been running since 2013, and this is saying a lot.
6. Earnings on surfing.From time to time during the day, links to sites appear on websites. Click on the link, the page of the advertised site opens, time passes, if necessary, you solve the captcha and Satoshi drops on Your account. Banner
6. Mining

To register on the site, you click on the banner to go to the registration page.

In the direction of collecting crypto currency I recommend a site for mining:
On the website need to buy capacity. The most profitable is to buy mining power for 10 years. And then mine one of the proposed crypto-currencies or mine additional capacity.
On the website you transfer collected bitcoins from,  and you wait for it to rise in price.

If you're afraid that the site can able to crack - all in life perhaps. On the Internet, download bitcoin core wallet-its installation on a computer can take several months, as all bitcoin transactions in the wallet history will be downloaded. But you will get your bitcoin wallet and your address. Wallet transfer your Satoshi and don't forget when you install a wallet to set a password complex password which is difficult to crack. It will be better if the wallet is stored on a separate (external ) disk. This is a guarantee-if the computer flies the wallet will remain intact. But while there is no money for an external disk, you can store bitcoins on
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