Cryptocurrencies have appeared quite recently. But they have already occupied their niche and gained great popularity.
Bitcoin was the first to appear and it is still the leader among other cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and it is thanks to this that there is an opportunity to make good money on it. The main thing is patience and gradual collection of cryptocurrencies.

I will postorayus in detail and clearly describe how you can not invest your money working on time-tested sites.

Bitcoin having a big volatilnosti (falls and rises in the price) is still rising in price. According to forecasts, it can go up to $ 10,000, and maybe up to $ 1,000,000. Who would have thought that bitcoin from $ 0.15 will once rise to $ 40,000. And this was. Therefore, its growth forecasts do not seem completely unrealistic. The current exchange rate of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is influenced by many factors. In the spring and until the second half of summer, bitcoin usually falls in price, and in the fall and winter (before the Chinese New Year), it grows. The price of oil (brand) also affects the exchange rate. With a small time factor of time, but it rises and falls after oil quotes. It is expected that oil can greatly rise in price in a few years, of course, and bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies will go up. Very much on its course and its quotes can affect the state of peace and war, bad and good news, weather, epidemics, panic, etc.
The value of cryptocurrencies is not provided by any state or central bank that can increase liquidity and availability in the market. Virtual currency has a risk of complete devaluation in case of loss of trust in it by users due to: actions of developers, changes in software support, the appearance of alternative currencies, due to restrictions and prohibitions, technical problems and hacker actions. There is a high risk and the possibility of losing all invested funds.
The essence of the matter is to collect a little crypt, then store it and wait for it to rise in price, or spend it on purchases in foreign online stores, or transfer it to money and withdraw.In addition, you can save cryptocurrencies, put them on diposits and wait for them to rise significantly in price. And then you can spend on your own needs, on studying, starting a business, an apartment, etc. Or every month slowly withdraw % and live on them.

If you are interested in All of the above, then get to work. It won't take long. You can register and work on all or part of the sites. This is your right and your choice.
Below I describe all the actions in sufficient detail and clearly. I hope you will understand.

1. Create a text document where you will store information.

In it, write down wallet addresses, website addresses, usernames and passwords. Keep it in a place that is easily accessible to you, but far away from prying eyes.

2. Register on the website to get cryptocurrency addresses:

On this site, you will store your cryptocurrencies, and they can also be converted among themselves. Since any site will be hacked sooner or later anyway and there is a risk of losing savings, the site should only be used for temporary storage of crypts. For permanent storage ( in this case, bitcoin or other cryptocurrency) You should download a wallet to your computer and transfer the crypt to it for permanent storage of savings. The wallet should be stored encrypted in the cloud and on a USB stick.

To register on the site, you can click on the banner to go to the registration page.
3. Register on the website  to collect cryptocurrencies from the site
On the sites: and there is 2FA identification. Ie that would go to your account in addition to the password and login that you enter, you still get an activation link to your mailbox, and only when you click on it you can log in to your account. This is a very good defense. To hack your account, you also need to hack your mailbox. So make sure that your mailbox has a complex password. It is possible that the password will be sent to your phone.
4. Working with websites:
Distributes satoshi every hour.Bitcoins can be put under 4.08 %Output scripts from the site without problems.In order to start dripping % in the account must be at least 30,000 Satoshi.A day drips 0.0109589%
Distributes ethereum every hour.Ethereum can be put under 8 %Output from the site without problems.In order for the % to start dripping, the account must have at least 0.01 ethereum.
Distributes dogecoin every hour.dogecoin can be put at 8 % per annumOutput from the site without problems.In order for the % to start dripping, there must be at least 10 dogecoin in the account.
Gives out litecoins every hour.litecoin can be put under 8 %Output from the site without problems.In order to start dripping % in the account must be at least 0.05 litecoin.
To register on the site, you can click on the banner to go to the registration page.
5. Working with websites:
There is a gift that you need to take once a day, a lot of sections for earning. The crane distributes points every 30 minutes. In the Short links and PTC sections here, you score points very easily. Points are used to exchange for cryptocurrencies. 1-point 1 minute and then there are other options. I advise you to set up in the setting section to make the white button 2x and payment timur set 1 min. in this case, the crypt will accumulate on the account.
The crane distributes points every 30 minutes. A minimum of 100 points. In the Short links section, you score points very easily. There are other ways to earn points. Points are used to exchange for cryptocurrencies. The withdrawal of the earned cryptocurrency takes place in your account on
To register on the site, you can click on the banner to go to the registration page.
6. Earnings on the journal boxes.
On the sites from time to time during the day there are links to sites. Click on the link, the page of the advertised site opens, time passes, if necessary, you solve the captcha and Satoshi drops to your internal account, which can be withdrawn if the minimum is reached. The lows on these sites are low, and they are collected quite quickly. Working on websites is easy and not time-consuming.
To register on the site, you can click on the banner to go to the registration page.
7. Mining:
You need to buy power on the site. You can download a program to earn cryptocurrency on the power of your computer, but the program does not work correctly, it loads the computer heavily - I do not advise. Power can be bought for both dollars and cryptocurrency. There is a large selection of cryptocurrencies that can be mined, in addition, you can mine power, thereby increasing them without additional investment. There is an exchange of one cryptocurrency for another. It is better to buy power for 10 years. The effectiveness of the site depends on the bitcoin exchange rate at a given time. If the bitcoin exchange rate drops significantly and mining is unprofitable, it will temporarily stop. If the mining shutdown lasts more than 10 days, the SMART contract burns out and all the invested money burns out. Only the accumulated cryptocurrency on mining remains. When working with this site, this point should be taken into account. But if bitcoin is growing strongly and for a long time in price, then mining is very attractive and quickly pays off and then makes a profit for a long time.
On the site, you need to download the program and start mining using the power of your computer. About a dozen variants of cryptocurrencies. I advise you to mine Montero. The program works stably. If you do not load at 100% of the computer's power, then even imperceptibly for it. The site is convenient for work, there are no problems with payments.

To register on the site, you can click on the banner to go to the registration page.
8.Working with websit:
You are registering. Download the program and run it. These programs are from the category of programs I started once and forgot. They will sit quietly in the tray and work. The work of the program is that it distributes your extra Internet traffic. Money withdrawal is possible via PAYPAL and to a bitcoin wallet.
To register on the site, you can click on the banner to go to the registration page.
To work on collecting and earning cryptocurrencies, it is quite enough for you. All the pros and cons of working on the above sites that I know I described you in the texts. If I have additional information, I will definitely insert it into the texts.